New Customer Success Team ready to bring agile IT best practices, expertise to enterprises

By Bo Barker, Senior Vice President of Professional Services

Customer needs have always driven technological innovation here at Virtual Instruments. The enterprises we work with face a constant, never-ending state of transformation, and the infrastructure challenges and complexities customers are solving inform the decisions we make, from product development to business strategy. When Virtual Instruments merged with Load DynamiX, for example, the motivation for that move was customer demand to bridge the two core parts of the transformative process – production monitoring and performance management, and pre-production workload testing, simulation and analytics.

Getting it right for the customer also spurs us toward the move we announced today: the launch of our new Customer Success Program and services. This expansion of the Virtual Instruments Professional Services Team takes all the expertise, best practices and knowledge our staff acquires from its work with our growing customer base and makes it accessible for each enterprise with which we work. Whether customers want in-depth training, optimization workshops, audits or managed services, we can deliver it.

It’s all about taking Virtual Instruments’ broad, deep understanding of customer pain points and the ever-changing complexities they must navigate, and applying that knowledge to advance the customer to the point of successful, proactive and operationally mature IT alignment with the business. The net result from our customer’s perspective is the aligning of its vendor and partner ecosystems with data-driven insights and expertise, leading to confident, trusted decision-support – all in service of their ultimate success. (Check out more about this in this video.)

Our Customer Success team has extensive knowledge and experience related to de-risking and advanced troubleshooting, analytics and decision-support best practices, and agile IT collaboration and enablement, including extending value to DevOps, server, network, storage and other teams. Among the programs the team offers are:

  • PROWisdom: Focused workshops and services to help enterprises independently manage their infrastructure using Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom solution for infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics
  • Performance Capacity Profiling: Empowers storage administrators with the most effective storage capacity planning approach based on the correlation of actual LUN IO traffic patterns and LUN configured capacity
  • LDX Labs Performance Testing and Validation: Gives enterprises product benchmarking, performance profiling, workload modeling and vendor-agnostic proofs of concept
  • Critical Infrastructure Audit (CIA): A measurement of the health, utilization and performance of the end-to-end virtualized host and SAN or NAS environment to help identify areas to optimize existing assets and right-size future deployments
  • Managed Services: An outcome-based service to enable IT managers to achieve maximum financial benefits from the optimization of infrastructure resources, while improving availability and application performance

Our Customer Success Program came about because of Virtual Instruments’ drive to help customers move from reactive to proactive and even predictive understandings of how technology adoption will affect their environments.

Want to learn more about how the team can help you? Get in touch.