Change Validation


The Load DynamiX for Change Management and Validation solution enables storage professionals to validate storage infrastructure changes in an offline, cost-efficient and practical process. Every time an application changes, switches are updated, or storage systems are modified, performance can be negatively affected.  Go Daddy, FireHost, ADP, and similar IT organizations and service providers who run performance and availability–sensitive application workloads use Load DynamiX Enterprise to test and validate all storage infrastructure changes before moving them to production.


Save money, mitigate performance risks, deploy applications faster, and retain competitive advantage

 New firmware release, the blue line, showed significantly worse latency for this workload, and was rejected for deployment into the production datacenter

New firmware release, the blue line, showed significantly worse latency for this workload, and was rejected for deployment into the production datacenter

Your Challenges
Today’s service-oriented pace requires storage change management and validation to be updated on a weekly or even daily basis without causing application disruptions. Some challenges include:

  • Mapping and monitoring storage networks that involve hundreds of interconnected servers, switches and storage arrays.
  • Increasing storage performance degradation when updating applications, operating systems or firmware.
  • Monitoring storage infrastructure requires tracking thousands of access paths in real time.

Load DynamiX Enterprise Solution
Create a workload model that accurately simulates how your configuration changes will perform in real-world testing scenarios. No need to rely on vendor claims and freeware benchmarking tools that don’t represent your environment.

The Load DynamiX Enterprise solution builds upon the three main steps of infrastructure performance validation. Load DynamiX Enterprise enables you to:

  1. Analyze/Characterize Workloads – Create accurate workload models from the actual production environment stats.
  2. Model Workloads – Build validation models, maintain libraries of repeatable scenarios and results, schedule validation scenarios for execution, and analyze the results.
  3. Emulate Workloads At Scale – Generate extreme storage workloads using Load DynamiX Enterprise's purpose-built load generation appliances and software

Change Validation Solution Benefits
  1. Performance assurance: Ensure changes will meet performance SLAs under your specific workloads.
  2. Reduced storage costs: Validate changes to ensure storage investments will deliver as promised.
  3. Acceleration of new application deployments: Make deployment decisions faster and more confidently.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Eliminate time consuming test development. Repeatable testing yields productivity gains of 50%.
  5. Contribute to the bottom line: A single 2 RU Load DynamiX Enterprise appliance replaces racks of servers, VMs, and custom scripting, saving you significant costs.

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“We never could have reproduced the customer’s workload, at such scale, without the help of Load DynamiX.”

– Brian Hudson, Sales Engineer at EMC