The Load DynamiX Product Evaluation solution enables storage professionals to compare storage system performance using accurate workload simulations that more realistically resemble their production environments (not just an arbitrary industry benchmark) to reduce storage costs. An “apples to apples” comparison can be done as the tests are easily 100% repeatable over time.

Forward-thinking IT organizations like GE, ADP, New York Presbyterian, and FireHost, use Load DynamiX Enterprise to accurately emulate production workloads to find storage systems that are the most cost-effective for their applications. They’ve saved millions on their storage budgets.


Best storage product(s) for your workloads

Figure: Vendor B shows significantly lower latencies in both shallow and deep tree directory structure tests

Figure: Vendor B shows significantly lower latencies in both shallow and deep tree directory structure tests

Your Challenges
Determine which storage vendor or storage system offers the highest performance or is the most cost-effective when running workloads that reflect your specific applications.

  • With nearly 40% of IT hardware budgets on storage spending, selecting the optimal storage system is more critical than ever
  • There are not enough people, time, tools, and resources to adequately perform accurate head-to-head testing
  • For competitive reasons, vendors are forced to make claims that can’t possibly apply to your specific application workloads
  • Industry standard benchmarks are not relevant to real application workloads and can be “manipulated” to show the best features of storage arrays

Load Dynamix Enterprise Solution
Develops a workload model that accurately simulates how well the target storage systems will perform based on a variety of real-world testing scenarios. No need to rely on vendor claims and freeware benchmarking tools that simply don’t represent your environment.

Load DynamiX Enterprise enables you to:

  1. Analyze/Characterize Workloads – Create accurate workload models from the actual production environment stats
  2. Model Workloads – Build validation models, maintain libraries of repeatable scenarios and results, schedule validation scenarios for execution, and analyze the results.
  3. Emulate Workloads At Scale – Generate extreme storage workloads using Load DynamiX’s purpose-built load generation appliances and software

Product Evaluation Solution Benefits
  1. Performance assurance: Ensure changes will meet performance SLAs under your specific workloads. Most IT organizations replace their storage systems every 3-4 years. Choose between products from various vendors and ensure that storage acquisitions and configurations are aligned to application workload performance requirements.
  2. Reduced storage costs: Reduce over-provisioning and choose the lowest cost storage systems for your specific workloads. Quantify the benefit and effects of flash/SSDs, deduplication, compression, virtualization, and tiering. Potential solutions from competing vendors can be analyzed to determine which will perform best and deliver the most cost-effective service under workloads that represent your production applications. Get independent validation for all vendor performance claims to ensure investments will deliver as promised. Storage costs, which can comprise ~40% of IT h/w budget, are optimized.
  3. Drastically reduced testing costs:   Eliminate buying, provisioning and maintaining load generating servers and VMware licenses as one Load DynamiX appliance generates the load of 10-20 servers and hundreds of VMs. Technical resources are freed from the cumbersome testing tasks. No more time consuming test development and scripting. Easier, more comprehensive and repeatable testing based on Load DynamiX typically yields minimum productivity gains of 50%.

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IT Solutions – Product Line Descriptions and Specs

“With Load DynamiX, change management – the effect that patches, firmware updates, OS updates, and hardware or configuration changes have on performance – can be measured and analyzed pre-production. This greatly reduces the risk of problems for the operations teams when making changes and enables periodic regression testing to be done.”

– Deni Connor, Founding Analyst SSG-NOW