Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Increase the Value of Your Converged Infrastructure

Current business needs cannot be met with yesterday’s technology. Legacy IT architecture perpetuates silos and complexity through an overload of products and tools that lack interoperability. Converged infrastructure meets the need by bringing storage, servers, networking, and management together.

VirtualWisdom benefits for converged infrastructure implementations:

  • Performance-Based SLAs: Baseline and validate existing SLAs and ensure sizing and SLA commitments are still maintained once applications are moved into a converged infrastructure.
  • End-to-end Visibility: Track and monitor performance from an application through the converged infrastructure, and pinpoint and resolve emergent issues before they become problems.
  • Integrated IPA: VirtualWisdom is certified to work with several major converged systems offerings, and can also be used to monitor your existing legacy open systems infrastructure.

VirtualWisdom helps customers improve the performance, availability, and cost efficiency of their end-to-end infrastructure, allowing IT professionals to accelerate adoption of converged systems, and proactively ensure continually optimized performance over time.

VI-Ready Converged Partners

VI-Ready converged systems allow for simplified configuration and deployment with built-in performance and diagnostic capabilities for your new converged infrastructure implementation.

Systems that are VI-Ready have been tried and tested to offer unmatched visibility into the performance of your infrastructure. Offering end-to-end monitoring across the stack, VirtualWisdom enables you to offer performance-based SLAs for your mission-critical applications running on your choice of converged infrastructure solutions.

Virtual Instruments is a certified partner for both HP ConvergedSystem and EMC VSPEX platforms. Our hardware and software platforms, as well as our services can be purchased in conjunction with new converged systems from both of these alliance partners.

HP ConvergedSystem