Your essential resource to understanding workload analysis, increasing your knowledge of storage performance, and sharing knowledge with others

Key Components and Benefits

Workload Education

A sampling of both Virtual Instruments authored and industry authored content about the definition of workloads and the value in understanding workload behavior.

Upload your Workload Data

Drag and drop your workload data for uploading into WorkloadCentral. WorkloadCentral recommends a set of policies to analyze the data with, based on the file type regardless of whether it came from a specific storage array or management tool.

Workload Analysis

Visually analyze your workload profiles in an easy to understand graphical format that displays all of the key workload I/O metrics for the time period of your choosing.

Workload Model Editor

See highly realistic simulations of your workloads in an easy to edit workload model. This model can be used as a baseline for your current production environment or as the basis for what-if analysis to see how changes in workload behavior will impact future storage performance on a variety of storage platforms.

Workload Library

The Workload Library serves two main purposes. First, for new ‘greenfield’ deployments, it’s often useful to begin your workload modeling with an existing workload model. WorkloadCentral comes with pre-built workload models for:

  • File, block, and object-based protocols
  • Functional workloads to test scaling, performance, and specific use cases
  • Application profiles for DBMS, VDI, messaging and others

Secondly, the Workload Library is useful for sharing workload models with other industry peers, cloud service providers and with your storage vendors.

Use Cases

Once you’ve used WorkloadCentral to profile your workload, you can use Load DynamiX Enterprise products or services to:

  • Visualize, understand and report on your workload behavior as it varies over time
  • Evaluate the best technology and product for your workloads
  • Optimize storage configurations for the best price / performance for your workloads
  • Resolve performance problems faster
  • Validate and de-risk infrastructure changes before turning over to production

Accessing WorkloadCentral

WorkloadCentral is simple to use. You can browse the site and Workload Library at any time. If you want to upload data for analysis or download a workload you will need to register by going to: WorkloadCentral

  • Create an account & log in
  • Upload your workload data
  • Analyze your production workloads
  • Edit your models for “what if” analysis
  • Downloads workload models from library