The Load DynamiX Enterprise Technology Evaluation solution will help you understand the performance implications of adopting software defined storage, flash storage, hybrid storage, object storage, OpenStack, Ceph, etc. or any of the newest networked storage protocols.

Companies such as ADP, Wells Fargo, GoDaddy, and GE use Load DynamiX appliances to help determine the most appropriate storage technology, architecture or protocol that will support their constantly changing production workloads.


Save money, mitigate performance risks, deploy applications faster, and build competitive advantage

Your Challenges
The storage evaluation process is challenging with the increase in storage scale, complexity, and the plethora of new technologies.

  • With nearly 40% of IT hardware budgets spent on storage, buying the right amount of storage is more critical than ever.
  • There are not enough people, time, and resources to adequately perform accurate testing and evaluation of new storage products and new technologies. Legacy techniques aren’t working.
  • Informed decision-making is essential with technologies like software-defined storage, solid state, tiering, deduplication, and new protocol versions like Amazon S3, OpenStack Cinder and Swift, all having the potential to dramatically affect both application performance and the cost of your infrastructure

Load DynamiX Enterprise Solution
Create a workload model that accurately simulates how new technologies will perform in real-world testing scenarios. No need to rely on vendor claims and shareware benchmarking tools that don’t represent your environment.

The Load DynamiX solution builds upon the three main steps of infrastructure performance validation. Load DynamiX Enterprise enables you to:

  1. Analyze/Characterize Workloads – Create accurate workload models from your actual production environment stats.
  2. Model Workloads – Build validation models, maintain libraries of repeatable scenarios and results, schedule validation scenarios for execution, and analyze the results.
  3. Emulate Workloads At Scale – Generate extreme storage workloads using Load DynamiX’s purpose-built load generation appliances and software

Technology Evaluation Solution Benefits
  1. Performance assurance: Ensure that new technologies will meet performance SLAs under your specific workloads.
  2. Reduced storage costs: Validate, to ensure storage investments will deliver as promised.
  3. Acceleration of new application deployments: Make deployment decisions faster and more confidently, with less risk.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Eliminate time consuming test development. Repeatable testing yields productivity gains of 50%.
  5. Contribute to the bottom line: A single 2 RU Load DynamiX appliance replaces racks of servers, VMs, and custom scripting, saving you significant costs.

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Brochure for IT Organizations- Introduction to Load DynamiX Enterprise

“Load DynamiX is like Iometer on steroids! I’m so much more efficient using Load DynamiX – I’ll never go back to freeware tools again.”

– Todd Gleason, Storage Manager at FireHost