Webinar: Virtual Instruments CIA – the Infrastructure Audit that Always Pays for Itself

In this webinar, VI customer Simon Close and our Senior Director of Customer Success Kevin LaMair discuss the value of VI critical infrastructure audits including real-world use cases.

451 Group Webinar: Know Your Limits – Workload Profiles Key to Understanding Storage Performance

Do you really understand your application workload I/O profiles? Can you predict how changes in application workload behavior will impact storage performance? Do you know your performance limits? This webinar features 451 Group analyst, Henry Baltazar, and Phil Smith of a large NY-based financial services firm. Henry will walk you through a 5-step process on how you can truly understand your workload profiles.

Insight and Virtual Instruments

Insight shares a few insights of their own into how Virtual Instruments helps them to proactively keep their IT infrastructure performing at peak levels through a combination of the VirtualWisdom infrastructure performance monitoring platform and VI Professional Services.

Accelerate IT Intelligence and Manage Multi-Vendor Complexity

VirtualWisdom4.3 helps today's enterprises manage highly virtualized, multi-vendor IT environments. Watch the video to hear how the VirtualWisdom platform can deliver analytics and insight into optimizing today's complex infrastructures regardless of what hypervisor or virtualization choice your enterprise has made.

EMC World 2015 Tony Granata & John Gentry Breakout Presentation

Tony Granata, AVP of Global Capacity and Performance Engineering from MetLife and John Gentry, VP of Marketing and Alliances for Virtual Instruments present how Virtual Instruments is helping MetLife "Guarantee the V" for their mission-critical applications.

CGH Medical Center + Virtual Instruments

For healthcare providers, ALL applications and systems related to patient quality of care and clinical workflow are considered mission-critical. This video features Randy Davis, CIO and VP of Support Services – discussing why he deployed VirtualWisdom for BOD decision support for future IT investment, and to transform his team into proactive diagnosticians. The CGH IT performance team then elaborates on the value they are getting from VirtualWisdom and the VI team.

Shift To Workload Centric IPM

Henry Baltazar of Forrester Research recaps the need for proactive Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) provided by Virtual Instruments, VirtualWisdom platform. A study done by Forrester revealed that companies lack standardization and consistency when it comes to their infrastructure environments. As the shift to Cloud begins, these are both major hurdles companies will have to overcome to become the dynamic enterprises they desire to be.

Keyinfo + Virtual Instruments

Key Info Systems, a leading technology company, provides enterprise grade Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) via their Key Cloud offering. Cheetah Software provides a 24/7 real-time operations management platform and relies on the "Key Cloud" to deliver their Software as a Service (SaaS) to end users. Monitoring and management of the “Key Cloud's” performance is done by Virtual Instruments' VirtualWisdom Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform. This helps Key Info Systems guarantee the performance of the infrastructure that supports their customers’ business-critical applications.

Why IPM is Necessary

To address system-wide Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM), you need VirtualWisdom4 to continually monitor, assess and confidently manage end-to-end performance.

Shift To Workload-Centric Infrastructure Performance Management

In this live recorded webcast, speakers Henry Baltazar of Forrester Research, M. G. Murali of Cognizant Technology Solutions and John Gentry VP of Marketing and Alliances, at Virtual Instruments as they discuss the next wave of data center and IT infrastructure optimization

Performance Management is Broken

John Gentry, VP of Marketing and Alliances at Virtual Instruments, discusses with George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland, the issue of storage performance. Gentry walks us through the different eras of evolving systems beginning with the mainframe in the 70s and 80s, to the introduction of the Internet, and now the formation of the Cloud. He highlights the importance of having visibility at all levels and across all generations to get the greatest value and performance out of your investment.

VMworld: Flash Mob

At VM World 2014 the Virtual Instruments team created a Flash Mob to emphasize that you never know when you’ll have an infrastructure performance issue, just as no one expects a Flash Mob performance to stop traffic on a busy street. VI helps you anticipate performance issues and be proactive in preventing them so there are “no limits” to your performance.

Case Study: Sprint Josh Morton

Josh Morton, VP of Enterprise IT Services for Sprint shares why he deployed the VirtualWisdom infrastructure performance management (IPM) platform to quickly identify root causes of emergent issues, optimize cost and overall performance, and align with Sprint's business goals.

John Gentry Presents VirtualWisdom4 at EMC World 2014

Watch Virtual Instruments VP of Marketing John Gentry present the exciting new VirtualWisdom4 platform to a packed theatre at EMC World 2014.

Morrisons – Why They Use VirtualWisdom

Morrisons, a large UK-based supermarket, puts customer service first. It introduced Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform in 2011 because it recognized the value of a product that could identify and resolve an issue in real-time. By using VI, Morrisons saved anywhere from weeks to months in delays and was able to greatly increase its productivity.

VirtualWisdom4: Applied Analytics – Turning Data into Answers!

Applied analytics focus on the critical findings that exist beyond your raw data. VirtualWisdom4 provides the built-in algorithmic logic necessary to derive that insight and present it to you right—all within the VirtualWisdom user interface.

VirtualWisdom4: Live Reports – Intuitive and Dynamic

We created Live Reports that visualize millions of metrics in powerful combinations—specific to performance, health, and utilization at device and entity levels—and we provide these to you not as "averages of averages", but as definitive, live sources of analytical truth.

VirtualWisdom4: Case Based Alarms – Relevant and Actionable

VirtualWisdom's Case Based Alarms allow for you to intelligently view and track your most pressing issues at the root cause—while eliminating the fatigue, confusion and apathy that occurs when "alarm storms" are just another part of daily life. 

VirtualWisdom4: Intelligent Topology – Insight at a Glance

VirtualWisdom4 introduces a new view to understand entities, their connectivity, relationships and operating state.  This allows you to compare resource utilization and performance between entities, providing 'insight at a glance'. This view is called Intelligent Topology.

VirtualWisdom4: Entity-Centric User Interface

Enterprise IT needs an entity-centric approach. We call our revolutionary approach, Entity-Centric IPM. Simply put, it's our new unique method of logically grouping and analyzing system-wide devices and workloads, and how they are performing.

VirtualWisdom4: Product Overview

We set out over five years ago to solve the industry's biggest challenge... guaranteeing the performance and availability of the applications that are critical to your business. Introducing VirtualWisdom4 - the industry leading IPM Platform.

Virtual Instruments Corporate Video

At Virtual Instruments, the challenges we solve have never been addressed before. Infrastructure Performance Management is our true north. We unlock the data you need for better visibility. By doing so, you can run faster, make better decisions, and ensure better outcomes.